23 maart 2015



I have two sides to me, the girly side where I wear dresses and heels and the boyish sporty side where I wear comfy clothes and sneakers. I think I do not have to tell you but this outfit definitely represents the second side. I bought this bomber jacket last year at Primark and it's for sure going to be one of my favorite spring jackets. The rest of my outfit is all new. The shirt I bought yesterday because it's just a simple and comfy shirt to wear. The pants and shoes I got last week and got them from my dad. I love getting clothes and shoes, who doesn't?

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10 maart 2015


Spring is on it's way, finally! When the sun shines I automatically get happy. On sunday I went to the park where these pictures were taken. It's so nice to not wear a winter coat and a scarf. I'm wearing a jacket I got at Bershka last year. Underneath I'm wearing a H&M cardigan and Zara top. I'm also wearing my favorite Cheap Monday jeans and new Nike sneakers. I got these sneakers at my favorite sneaker store, they had a big sale and when I saw these sneakers I thought they were perfect for spring and summer. I will probably wear these a lot. I can't wait to wear them with a skirt and crop top but that will have to wait unfortunately.

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7 maart 2015


Since I was a little girl I wanted to own a Chanel lipstick. For me it represented ultimate luxury and I thought I was never going to be able to afford it. Although it's not cheap, I learned it was not thát expensive (a few years ago though ;p). There's just something about a Chanel lipstick, or maybe I have some kind of weird fetish for luxurious make up? The colour is called l'amoureuse and has a matte finish. I will take some pictures where I wear this lipstick soon. I took some today but they came out really blurry. To be continued..

23 februari 2015



Hi everyone! 
A new week, a new outfit. Actually I wore this outfit this weekend. I didn't do much this weekend, that called for a simple and comfy outfit. Wearing an all black outfit (again..) with a teenie tiny bit of colour. I wanted these sneakers in black and white first but when I saw them in this lime colour I was sold. The only disadvantage is that they are a bit hard to combine, but now I have a good excuse to wear all black outfits with them. Wishing you a nice start of this week and I'll be posting a beauty post soon!

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20 februari 2015



I've had my glasses for some time now but I realized I've never made an outfit post with them on. Most of the time I wear them when I drive in my car or at night when I watch TV. But when I'm tired I have to wear them too, which I was in this case ;) I also wanted to show you these thigh high boots. I really love them and they are nice and warm, perfect for this cold weather. I combined them with jeans and a simple shirt. I think with these kind of boots you have to keep the rest of your outfit simple. To complete this outfit I wore my new minimal earrings I got at Primark last week.
Happy weekend!

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