27 mei 2015



This weekend I did a lot of things. Mostly my weekends consist of a lot of sleeping, laying in bed, watching series and just being lazy. But not this weekend. On friday I went to a soccer match. On saturday I went out for dinner and had a sleepover. Ok I must admit that we did watch a movie in bed. On sunday we took these pictures and after that I had some drinks in the city. On monday I took the train to Maastricht and did a little shopping. After that I went out for dinner again. Sushi this time,  my favorite, lucky me! 

21 mei 2015



Finally a proper outfit post again. I don't know why, but everytime I want to write an outfit post, something comes in between. Today I forced my dad to take some pictures so I can show you what I wore today. A couple of months ago I got these boots but I realized I did not show them yet. I love them but they hurt so much, I hope it changes when I wear them more. But there's a Dutch saying, when you want to look good, you have to suffer from pain. I combined the boots with a long black blazer, a simple tee and jeans. I wore a dark brown lipstick to fit my dark outfit.

17 mei 2015


pictures by Arthur de Jonge

Last weekend I had a very intense weekend. Together with all the other finalists of the beauty pageant Miss Beauty of Gelderland. One of the first activities was a photoshoot at a lake nearby and this is the result. It was really fun but also a bit awkward to pose in front of thirty other girls. Later that day we had catwalk training, learned how to present yourself and had a lesson in social media. If this didn't sound hard enough, the next day we started off with a bootcamp. A busy weekend, but I had a lot of fun! 

28 april 2015

Miss Beauty of Gelderland

A bit of a different post this time. Not an outfit post as usual (ok I do love this dress though). Today I'm shamelessly promoting myself ;) Last week I auditioned for a Dutch beauty pageant and I'm through to the final of my county called Miss Beauty of Gelderland. The final takes place on the 4th of July, very exciting! Now, I want to ask all my Dutch followers to vote for me! You can vote by texting 'Poll Gelderland Lisa V' to 3010 (1,10 per text). I would really appreciate it and I'll be forever thankful!
For more information, see the Miss Beauty of the Netherlands site.

15 april 2015



Hi! The sun is out and I'm loving it! Instant happiness when the sun shines. Yesterday I went to the park with my friend and wore this outfit. A simple and comfy outfit to hang out in. My hat wasn't part of this outfit for a very long time, because it was extremely windy. We had a lovely day and after that I went out for a sushi dinner with some other friends. Need to keep up with my addiction ;) Today I'm going out for dinner again, lucky me! Now I'm going to enjoy the sun before I have to get ready! Have a lovely day.

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9 april 2015


1. My 'emotionally looking down' look ;p 2. My little cutie from a funny angle 
3. My new and favorite Nike sneakers 4. Chilling at the park
5. For the people who think or say I can't smile, you're wrong! 6. Yummy macarons

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